Welcome to St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church on Amherst Island

Services at 11:00 am with Lay Minister, Nathan Townend starting on September 12,  2021.

Thank you for the community support of the 2021 Garden Party – you donated books, goods and baking; you bought a lot of stuff; and you contributed generously.  A special thank you to the many volunteers who created a new model for the event and achieved great success.

All welcome whatever your faith or belief!

St. Paul’s is a church where God meets normal people.  She doesn’t care what you wear or whether children make noise or whether you are Presbyterian or whether you are simply checking us out.

 St. Paul’s is all about community.

Find us at 1955 Stella Forty Foot, Stella ON K0H 2S0

We look forward to meeting you!

St. Paul’s thanks the The Presbyterian Church in Canada for hosting this web site.