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St. Paul’s congregation had developed its identity and vision to best serve the Island community and to strengthen links with the mainland.

We are an open, loving, spiritual community, deeply committed to our Christian faith.

As followers of Christ, we seek to live and to share the good news of Jesus Christ, pursue justice for all, exercise care for one another, our community and the earth.


  1. Worship: We value creative and thought provoking preaching and worship that strengthens and inspires our daily worship. The ministry of music is an integral and essential element of worship.
    Therefore, we encourage active lay participation and the creation of a worship committee to help include all of our diverse talents in the planning and exercise of worship.
  2. Stewardship: Everything we have is a gift from God. We are stewards of God’s good creation. We examine and challenge our attitudes towards money and the way we allocate our time and resources.
    Therefore, we seek to discover and use those gifts which God has given to us for the good of all.
  3. Outreach: To foster outreach, it is important to be a truly loving, supportive, inclusive community. We seek to understand our community and its needs. We foster partnerships with area groups.
    Therefore, we encourage use of the church building by community groups. The congregation seeks to sponsor events that attract the community at large i.e. garden party, fish fry.
  4. Mission: The Church is called to do the work of Christ in the world which includes caring for the suffering, and being stewards of God’s good creation, accomplished partly through contributions to Presbyterian World Service and Development and Presbyterians Sharing as well as supporting local concerns.
    Therefore we open ourselves to caring for the suffering and cherishing the creation.
  5. Learning: As disciples, we desire to learn more about our Christian faith and will support programs that foster learning for all ages.
    Therefore, we will pursue opportunities to broaden our understanding of the faith and world.